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Stephanie is an award winning ceramic artist.  She works from a small studio in Fremantle, Western Australia creating contemporary tableware and repairing broken ceramics.  She has a love of making both functional and creative pieces on the wheel. Stephanie began making ceramic pieces in a quest to create her perfect dinner set.  Since starting a class at Fremantle Arts Centre in 2010 she has gone on to make ceramics for many high end restaurants both in Australia and overseas.

She also has a passion for the Japanese repair technique – Kintsugi, where the broken ceramics are fastened together using Urushi lacquer and the repair is highlighted with gold. She studied this technique in Japan with a master practitioner.  Her previous career as a social and cultural anthropologist informs her interest in the stories and meanings that form part of the identity of objects.  She is also a well loved teacher of ceramics at Fremantle Arts Centre and has exhibited widely all over Australia.  


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