Month: November 2014

Yes, yes, yes!

I’m a happy woman, this mug monday morning.  Fired my kiln this weekend with glaze tests and some practice mugs and had a few problems with the firing due to ancient elements in the kiln.  So, had low expectations this morning when I opened it and was pleasantly surprised. As you can see I’ve been […]

Shades of grey (alas not fifty!)

Those who read my facebook page will know that I have declared November ‘mug month’.  And that Mondays are now mugtastic mondays.  I need to get my throwing up to speed after a long layoff due to illness, so have decided to throw mugs  – same weight of clay, same size.  I also want to […]

Home made sink clay trap

The one thing I’ve always missed in my studio is an effective way of dealing with all that gloopy clay water.  Cue drum roll….a cheap and very easy to make under sink clay trap. Its basically two linked buckets within another container.  The idea is that the water drains into the first  (left hand) bucket […]