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I’m a happy woman, this mug monday morning.  Fired my kiln this weekend with glaze tests and some practice mugs and had a few problems with the firing due to ancient elements in the kiln.  So, had low expectations this morning when I opened it and was pleasantly surprised.

photo 2(4)

As you can see I’ve been playing with handle style and different forms.  After 39 mugs I can report that I am now feeling quite confident with pulling handles, attaching them and keeping them on.  Glazing is now getting easier as well and I am beginning to feel vaguely competant! Just got to test them to work out which style feels the best – The feel/performance is very important to me.

My glaze tests are coming along beautifully –  I spend such a short amount of time throwing and making the pots compared to the amount of testing and fine tuning I do.  I have a very clear idea of what I am aiming for and am wanting to develop a functional line of work based on contemporary shapes and a contrast between smooth milky white glaze and rough grey with speckles/a more earthy feel.  I know that me wittering on about glaze tests is incredibly boring to non potters but I am very excited about the next stage which will be applying these new ideas to some vessels and forms.  All I need to do now is to change my kiln elements (sigh)……

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