The long slow road

I’ve always admired blogs that are honest.  It takes courage to admit when  things aren’t quite going to plan.  As deadlines grow nearer and the pressure increases it’s hard not to panic.  The work that will be exhibited in July has been a year in the making – that is a year of trial and error, of wonky pots, of shapes not quite right.  Not hot enough in the kiln and the porcelain is dull, too hot and the organic material embedded bloats and creates bubbles.  Sometimes the bubbles add a certain something, at other times it is a muttered expletive and chucked in the bin.  The result is shelves of pots that I can’t quite bear to throw away yet, the hard evidence of all my hard work.  I’ve started to refer to them as ‘the ones that got away’.  I have a few of these shelves  and really should do something with them otherwise I will run out of studio space!


photo 2(1)


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