Shades of grey (alas not fifty!)

Those who read my facebook page will know that I have declared November ‘mug month’.  And that Mondays are now mugtastic mondays.  I need to get my throwing up to speed after a long layoff due to illness, so have decided to throw mugs  – same weight of clay, same size.  I also want to get really competent at handles.  So two mondays in and I now have 40 mugs to do something with.  So, I have some ideas for glaze effects that I want to play with and will use the mugs to practice with.  I’m interested in the contrast between smooth and rough, silky glaze and textured clay.  I’m also on a quest for a easily reproducable grey in oxidation.  This quest for grey is the bane of my life.   I dont just want grey – I want interesting grey…. with bits in.

photo 2(3)

Rutile blues have to be the most frustrating glaze ever – (those are the peachy looking ones).  I think I am on the right path but will spend next week playing with slip (with bits in) in an attempt to provoke a reaction between the clay body and the glaze. Keep your fingers crossed.

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