New photographs of work


Things have really taken off recently.  Hectically trying to prepare work for the Australian Trienniale Market to be held at The National Gallery in Canberra on July 12th.  I would have been much more prepared except I managed to disengage my brain and misfire two whole kiln loads of work.  I know that the seventies may be back in vogue, but I am not personally ready for sludge brown ceramics just yet.


Been working on some new bottle vases – just perfect for a single stem, an interesting twig or a grouped arrangement.  Also have made a lot of plates (A LOT!).  I have had the pleasure of working with a local restaurant owner in designing and producing plates for her restaurant.  Its been a rather steep learning curve, finding out what will work in a commercial setting and discovering chef preferences for how they want to display their food to the best advantage.  So many things to think about in terms of both form and function and practicality.  Finally we have nailed the design, so pictures will follow soon.  Also, I have just about finished my  proper website and am looking forward to launching it very very soon.  I love the photographs in this post – taken by a rather wonderful local photographer 


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