Home made sink clay trap

The one thing I’ve always missed in my studio is an effective way of dealing with all that gloopy clay water.  Cue drum roll….a cheap and very easy to make under sink clay trap.

photo 1(5)

Its basically two linked buckets within another container.  The idea is that the water drains into the first  (left hand) bucket and then slowly drains into the next bucket and then out into the larger container.

photo 2(2)

The right hand side bucket has a series of holes drilled into the side which the water seeps out of.

photo 3(3)

Each set of drain holes is lower than the previous ones so that the water flow is slowed down to allow the sediment time to settle out.  The whole construction is easy to remove and to clean.  The outlet from the large white container can be plumbed straight into the drain.  Funny how the simple things in life can make such a difference.

8 comments on “Home made sink clay trap

  1. Hey Stephanie, this clay trap looks amazing and simple! Where did you find your supplies? How do you keep the lid from leaking? Where does the water drain to out of the trap? I would love to build something like this in my studio.

  2. Hey Stephanie, this trap is great! I would love to build one of these in my studio. Where did you get the large bin? How do you keep the lid from leaking? Where does the water exit the trap? Thanks!

  3. Christine Goodman

    Well done, Stephanie – thanks for sharing. Can you please tell me why there are two pipes between the two buckets? Thanks.

  4. Yes, lovely idea, but I also wonder where the water finally drains to out of the trap? From the photos, it seems the water just stays in the larger bucket.

  5. It looks to me like the larger pipe is not an open pipe but glued between the two buckets to stabilize the assembly. Also it looks like the large white container is attached to a drain for the water to escape once it has gone through the first green bucket drained into the second bucket.The drain in the white container (center of buckets) can be seen behind the green bucket assembly that is turned on its side for us to see how it is put together. The water drains through the drilled holes that are higher up on the second bucket to give the clay time to settle fully.

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