Here and Now

About a year ago, I was given the opportunity and challenged by Emma Mahaney to come up with some new work, to expand my horizons and to follow a new direction for the Here and Now 2014 exhibition at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.  I knew that I liked porcelain (especially the translucency and purity of Southern Ice) and I knew that I liked putting bits into my clay bodies to see what happened to them.  I also knew that I particularly enjoyed the element of surprise and randomness of putting/embedding material into clay and then throwing it on the wheel. At this stage I was using Ilmenite sand, purchased from my local ceramics suppliers (Potters Market in O’Connor).  Being challenged in this way has forced me to examine why I do what I do and to focus on refining my techniques and forms.


Title of work: ‘huddle’ 2012.  H20-30cm, W2-4cm.  Southern Ice Porcelain and ilmenite. Fired to cone 10 in oxidation

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