Here and Now 2014 Exhibition Invite

Finally we are almost there.  Can’t wait to see everyone’s work up in the gallery.  It’s soooo exciting!

H&N14 + Glitter + Wildflower eINVITE

One comment on “Here and Now 2014 Exhibition Invite

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Lovely to discover your blog and to see your quietly beautiful work with porcelain. I really like what you are doing with adding found materials to the clay, the result is lovely visually, and also as a point of connection with the land that is around you. I keep intending to try taking casts of wave patterns in the sand, and impressions of tree bark and so on, and see where that leads! I see too that you have been following my blog which is really nice of you. I will put a link to yours from my site.
    Good luck with it all,

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