New website

I now have a brand new shiny website which shows all my new work and can be found at www.stephaniehammill.com

New photographs of work

Things have really taken off recently.  Hectically trying to prepare work for the Australian Trienniale Market to be held at The National Gallery in Canberra on July 12th.  I would have been much more prepared except I managed to disengage my brain and misfire two whole kiln loads of work.  I know that the seventies […]

Busy, busy

I’m so bad at social media.  I’ve not disappeared, just been busy in my studio, finessing my throwing, moving things around and trying to set up a proper website.  I’ve been experimenting with southern ice porcelain teacups and one of these days might have a photo to prove that I got a handle on without […]

New Work – Landscape Series

Mugs, bowls,  cups.  Am liking these very much.  Will be available for sale once I’ve worked out my online retailing options.  Alternatively contact me direct if you are interested.