The importance of mentors

I wanted to write this post as a thank you to my mentor, Stewart Scambler, who has done so much to encourage me and to pass on his skills and enthusiasm for all things ceramic.  I started clay classes as a hobby and it quickly became apparent to me that it was a passion.  Due […]

The process of making

Questions I get asked – ‘how do you get those lines in the pots?’ ‘Do you put them on afterwards?’ ‘Is it difficult?’ The answer to the above is, ‘with lots of practice’, ‘no’, and ‘yes it can be’. The technique I use is a variation on theme of agateware.  This is described by Wikipedia […]

The long slow road

I’ve always admired blogs that are honest.  It takes courage to admit when  things aren’t quite going to plan.  As deadlines grow nearer and the pressure increases it’s hard not to panic.  The work that will be exhibited in July has been a year in the making – that is a year of trial and […]

Why I do what I do

I’m not sure any artist knows the answer to this question.  However, I will give it a go.  Sixteen years ago I moved to Australia.  I vividly remember the acute feelings of dislocation, unfamiliarity and loneliness.  My response was to travel widely – to visit some of the further flung reaches of Western Australia.  I […]