I’ve been out bush seeking inspiration and collecting more samples. We went to Kalgoorlie and to see the Anthony Gormley sculptures at Lake Ballard. Words fail me (almost!) It was remote, dusty, lots of flies, storms (both conventional and sand). The landscape was vast and the human presence insignificant. I find myself wanting to capture […]

Duality Exhibition at Freight Gallery, Fremantle

Please come and check out this multidisciplinary exhibition.  It promises to be a corker.

A month of ups and downs

Life, its a funny thing that tends to bite you in the bum when you least expect it!  After the excitement of the Here and Now 2014 exhibition opening, being interviewed for Gallerywatch on our local TV channel and a feature in Journal of Australian Ceramics (Vol 53: No 2, July 2014: page 54) I […]

Here and Now 2014 Exhibition Invite

Finally we are almost there.  Can’t wait to see everyone’s work up in the gallery.  It’s soooo exciting!