About me

I began working with ceramics from a desire to create work to eat from and use on a daily basis.  I couldn’t find commercial ceramics that appealed to me so I decided to learn how to make my own.  I have trained under some of the most highly skilled ceramic artists in Australia and spent years refining my techniques and honing my skills.

My passion is to create beautiful ceramic pieces that enhance the unique spaces that we live in and to heighten the pleasure of eating.  My work is designed to be beautiful, elegant but most of all to be functional.  It not only needs to look good but to perform well.  Pieces are designed to be tactile and pleasant to hold.

I mix up my own blend of clay to create unique work that highlights the surface reaction between glaze and body.  Often I will incorporate found materials such as sand from local beaches or red dirt from the Kimberley region of Western Australia into my clay body to connect to a sense of place and locality in my work.

I produce my pieces in my home studio in Fremantle, Western Australia.  All my work is individually hand thrown on a wheel which creates a fluid strength and elegant curves.  Each piece is made with individual care and attention and is finished to a high standard.

I am also a practitioner of the Japanese art of ceramic repair ‘Kintsugi’ or ‘kintsukuroi’, whereby cracks are repaired using a lacquer and gold powder technique.  For more information on my Kintsugi work and the philosophy behind the practice, please visit the Kintsugi page on my website.

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