A month of ups and downs

Life, its a funny thing that tends to bite you in the bum when you least expect it!  After the excitement of the Here and Now 2014 exhibition opening, being interviewed for Gallerywatch on our local TV channel and a feature in Journal of Australian Ceramics (Vol 53: No 2, July 2014: page 54) I managed to trip over my feet on the way to the shops and achieve a suspected fractured wrist. Such a glamourous accident!  Two weeks in a cast, followed by two weeks in a splint has somewhat curtailed my creative activity and ability to type!  Thankfully I can report that it wasnt broken and is now feeling much better and I am slowly getting my mojo back.

The aforementioned mojo better hurry up as I am part of a panel giving an afternoon talk at Lawrence Wilson Gallery, UWA this coming Friday at 3pm.

Please feel free to join my fellow conspirator Andrea Vinkovich and ProfessorAndrew Rate (from Earth Sciences) on a discussion entitled  ‘The Art and Science of Ceramics’.  The gallery does great tea and biscuits.

It has been thought provoking process to distill why I like to put found materials into my work and to examine my personal collection for items that have influenced the direction of my work.  I can feel the enthusiasm coming back even as I type.  If only I could muster the will to tidy and reorganise my studio….



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  1. Hi Steph. Glad to hear your wrist has fully recovered. I’ve reserved my seat at the talk on Friday. See you there. Marika

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